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HIAPER Project Office (High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research)
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  HIAPER Project Office Historical Site

The NCAR G-V flies over the Sierra Nevada mountain range during T-Rex. 2006 heralded the debut of the nation's most advanced research aircraft, the NSF/NCAR Gulfstream V (or GV, formerly referred to as HIAPER).  

This website houses valuable historical information about the intensive, three-year project of modifying this GV business jet into a high-altitude observing platform that will serve the National Science Foundation's (NSF) environmental research needs for the next several decades.

The NCAR G-V is now maintained and operated by the Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) at NCAR. A new GV site with current information regarding instrumentation and projects will be online November 10, 2006.
News & Announcements
Posted: September 30, 2005
HPO Team Closes its Doors Having successfully overseen the acquisition and initial development of HIAPER, the NCAR/HIAPER Project Office (HPO) officially closed its doors on Friday, 30 September.  more >>
Posted: January 20, 2006
GV Investigator's Handbook Finalized The GV Investigator's Handbook has been finalized and is available online in PDF format.   more >>
Posted: December 20, 2005
2005 HIAPER Debrief Materials Now Available Speaker presentations from the 2005 HIAPER Debrief Meeting, held 8-9 November 2005 at NCAR, are now available in both PowerPoint and PDF format.   more >>
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