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  GV Modification Effort Continued

April 19-23, 2004
Greenville, South Carolina

GV modification photos taken by Steve Rauenbuehler at the Lockheed modification facility in Greenville, South Carolina.

Click on the thumbnail images to see a larger version (larger image size in KB listed with each thumbnail).

File Type/Size   Description
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JPG, 157KB
View of the GV undergoing modification. The forward upper crown modification is visible on the top left side of the fuselage, and two of the aperture plate cuts can be seen on the upper right side of the fuselage.
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JPG, 142KB
View of the GV from the nose section aft, with the radome removed.
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JPG, 133KB
View of the nearly complete forward upper crown modification, showing the installed doubler and tripler, a fuselage hard point (the raised fixture in the center of the picture), and the upper view port cut.
Click to enlarge
JPG, 163KB
A Gulfstream team member working on modifications to the interior of one of the GV wings.
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JPG, 171KB
An aperture plate cut on the upper fuselage as viewed from inside the GV cabin.
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JPG, 133KB
View of the completed interior pre-fit components on the co-pilot's side of the GV cockpit.
Click to enlarge
JPG, 143KB
The GV galley (right side) temporarily installed in the aft section of the cabin for fitting. The forward wall of the lavatory is visible in the left side of the picture.







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