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  Inspection of Green Airframe

June 25-26, 2002
Savannah, Georgia

Green airframe assembled, ready for modifications and UCAR, NCAR and NSF visit to inspect the green airframe during the IPT Meeting #3. And because of the celebratory nature of the visit to Gulfstream on this IPT #3 trip, after the planning meetings for the modifications and the excitement of seeing #677 up close, we sampled some of the local specialties.

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JPG, 286KB
HIAPER emerging from its cocoon, the Gulfstream assembly plant in Savannah, GA, as a fledgling "greenie".
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JPG, 314KB
HIAPER awaits our inspection.
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JPG, 351KB
Krista Laursen, HPO director, Pat Munson, HIAPER Contracts Administrator, Dick Friesen, Engineering Manager, and Harriet Barker, Program Administrator.
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JPG, 285KB
Dave Carlson, HIAPER PI, tries out the left seat while Ed Ringleman, RAF pilot and maintenance chief, sits right. Nigel Wilkins, Gulfstream, is barely visible at left edge of picture.
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JPG, 263KB
Krista really gets into it - a close up inspection of the APU compartment as cohorts look on.
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JPG, 304KB
Dave Carlson, HIAPER PI, not looking TOO pleased!!
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JPG, 328KB
The NSF contingent - l to r: Jarvis Moyers, director of the Atmospheric Sciences Division, Jim Huning, HIAPER program official, and Cliff Jacobs, head of the UCAR and Lower Atmospheric Facilities Oversigtht Section.
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JPG, 322KB
Ed Ringleman and Milton Webber, Title-Aircraft Delivery Coordinator.
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JPG, 309KB
Jarvis Moyers, Lynn Rose of Aeromet, and Dave Jorgensen, during IPT #3 meeting.
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JPG, 292KB
Cliff Jacobs and Jack Fox, Manager of ATD's Design and Fabrication Service.
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JPG, 324KB
Beth Stansberry (UCAR contracts), Marty Martin (Gulfstream contracts), Pat Munson and Julie Austin.
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JPG, 354KB
Three stalwart HPO members, during IPT#3 proceedings.
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JPG, 326KB
Mike Spowart, RAF electrical engineer, Dave Carlson, and Dick Friesen consult during IPT #3.
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JPG, 355KB
Mike Collins, Lockheed project manager for HIAPER and Bill Lewis, Gulfstream HIAPER engineer.
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JPG, 275KB
Dave Jorgensen, Chairman of the HIAPER Advisory Committee on the left, and Dick Friesen on the right, with Harriet Barker in the middle.
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JPG, 272KB
Jack Fox enjoying some of the local fare.
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JPG, 292KB
Beth Stansberry, UCAR Contracts Manager and Harriet Barker on deck at the beginning of the river cruise.
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JPG, 291KB
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